Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Tremor Games : this site offers Steam, Desura and Origin games, League of Legends skins, Team Fortress 2, DOTA 2 and CS:GO items, gift cards and even Bitcoins just by logging on the site, playing games and also completing some offers, watching videos, register on some sites, etc. I've won more than 4700$ in games for Steam and Desura (and League of Legends skins) on this site. 

Gamekit: this site offers free (and discounted) RP for League on Legends, steam games and more just by playing games.
Steamgifts: this site offers public giveaways for free for Steam, entries are limited by points, and by contributing to the site (giving games) you'll have access to giveaways with more probability of winning

GET GAMES CHEAP Get games with a good price. The first rule is that Steam/Desura prices are normally TOO HIGH. You need to find alternative ways to get Steam Keys / Desura Keys that can be redeemed into games. Here are some helpful links that can help you:

G2A: Here there's lot of games for a very low price compared to Steam, Origin and UPlay prices! For example, you can get most CoD games for at least a 50% discount each

Instant Gaming: Another site like G2A, sometimes there's better prices than in G2A, specially on preorders.

Humble Bundle: Pay what you want for games that normally you can buy on steam. If you pay more than the average (or a fixed quantity) you will get some extras.

Groupees: Another site as Humble Bundle which sells bundles of games and music at cheap prices Gamedeals subreddit: Almost all sales are published here Is there any deal?: This site records prices from some stores for digital games. They also offer a free service that will send you an email if an specific game has a price below a given limit. Scrap.tf: If you only want to trade some TF2 items look here. There are several bots which you can trade with them your items. Read the instructions before using it. 
NOTE: Not all Steam Keys are redeemable on all regions and not all sites give Steam keys with the games. Other DRM managers include Desura, Origin, uPlay, etc. Check always before buying and in case of doubt or ask on reddit/similar places.


A good way to get some funds for buying games is by getting paypal currency, normally USD. Here are some interesting ways to get money for buying games (no hard tasks and no spamming of messages, I have used them for a long time):  
Points2Shop : You can win money by doing offers, visiting sites or watching videos. You can get payed by PayPal or buy things from Amazon. Got some games from here so it is legit.

InstaGC: This place is nice for getting some gift cards to a bunch of places and get payed by paypal (minimum payout 100 points = 1$). Great place to start alongside with Points 2 Shop
BEGGING ON 4 CHAN (and other sites too!) A lot of people have started to beg for games on 4chan's random board /b/ and other sites. Here are some tips if you want to try: - Don't SPAM! You can get banned if you do so. Technically on 4chan you cannot do that, so don't bother the mods a lot. - You can use other sites than 4chan to beg. Remember to not spam and if you like include a link to this guide. - Do not ask for expensive games: people sometimes can give you some games, but remember that their budget is limited. Giving you the latest Call of Duty or Battlefield is worth a lot of money, and only few people would win games by begging in this way. - Indie games included in bundles are more easy to win by begging. A lot of people have spare copies available. - There are people who also start trading in those threads. Be careful, there is a lot of scammers on the way! Use other places as reddit for doing so. - In the last days it appeared a bunch of websites that want to give you free steam games if you get enough referrals. Be careful, as 100% sure it will be a scam. SOME TIPS If you are trying to win games on places like galagiveaways or steamgifts, public giveaways normally have little probability to give you any game. Consider making giveaways (and in this case, do not make fake giveaways or you will get banned), it will give you contributor value for your account and will allow you to access more giveaways. f you have a bunch of friends who want some games, consider buying packs, it have some copies of the game and it usually have good discounts. Extra copies can be traded or sold. When buying on sides like Amazon US, buying games with addresses where there is no taxes for video games are interesting. Get one if you don't have (google it a little, my friend). Be careful when buying from other players, always use a trusted channel for selling. And... that's all for now. If you have more tips or links to suggest you can send me an email to josele@stuffplace.bugs3.com If you find this information please consider sharing this guide.